The Kiss

I strum my ukulele as if it was my tongue; my

Tongue, I hold her.

I’ve been trying to

console her—to make her

feel the way that the rest of me feels

when I find

solace in my solitude—yes, sometimes

my tongue is rude.

I think that I was trying to mold her but,

To fight her, I bite her.

—yes, sometimes I am useless.

But please! Please don’t confuse this

feeling with the way that I was trying

to make her feel.

My tongue can sometimes

become a beautifully

handmade tenor uke; she mocks

almost all of the songs messages that

can be played on a tap room’s

juke box—minus the hops.

Yes, sometimes I can’t

even resist my own

tongue’s twists.

She swindles my strength.

Until there’s nothing left.


Ataisha Atkinson has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember. Besides a few self published poetry collections on LULU, she has also been featured in Baruch College’s Encounters Magazine. She loves poetry, both the technical and creative aspects of it and prior to her recent submissions, she has only been writing poetry for pleasure. She plans to submit more pieces in the future and she will soon be releasing another self published project called, “To Have Lusted & To Have Loved & To Have Lost.” This collection will be available in Spring. Her Instagram is: The.Same.Is.Lame & her email address is—for information on acquiring her upcoming work.

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