he shows up like smoke leads to fire
a boy with fog where his soul should be
I built him that way
when I peel back the flesh

there’s nothing that hurts

“I know your wrists”
I want to tell him

I know his wrists

I know the shape
radial styloid process
carpi ulnaris
the dappled skin from palm to elbow

I stuffed him with mandrake
I stitched his stomach shut
even as it swelled–
–nearly ruptured
with earth and herb

I used my womb so he could bear our sons

it was otherwise unoccupied



Senia Hardwick is an MFA candidate at Queens College, expected to graduate May of 2019. They have been featured in a variety of online and print publications, including TLDR Magazine and The Pickling Poet. More of their work can be found at www.seniahardwick.wordpress.com and on Instagram at necro.pharmakon.


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