please visit as I am tired of customers.    please visit

and bring me a Crunchwrap Supreme

….with cheesy potatoes substituting meat.     please visit

and sign your book.    please (surprise) visit your old coworkers.

please visit an existential crisis over

an ex-coworker with the same torso    (Basil)

as the dismembered Greco-Romans (Apollo)

scattering the Met.    please visit,

..the orgiastic frescoes (Bacchae,

martyrdom sequences,     the spattering of blood

from Basil’s open chest)

I’ve placed         against the event space wall.


please visit our cafe on the third floor.

please visit the preliminary space of the up escalator.

……please visit the discomfort

….of making eye contact too early.

please visit     as I survey a man’s jawline,

more bored than aroused.

please visit adult fiction

while your exoskeleton’s fresh.

…..please visit my locus,

……….the vanishing point to my smile

is the event space horizon.

….please visit the exuvia I have become.


please visit    $500 to my PayPal.

please visit    on the way to somewhere else.

please visit    the possibility of alternatives.


please. please don’t come here at all. because

you’re the best poet I know. because

you finally left. because my clothes are torn.

because my personality is a raw egg.

because of the hours I’ve lost.


because I don’t want to be seen like this.

because the money weight

visits money shame.



Senia Hardwick is an MFA candidate at Queens College, expected to graduate May of 2019. They have been featured in a variety of online and print publications, including TLDR Magazine and The Pickling Poet. More of their work can be found at and on Instagram at necro.pharmakon.


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