Off-White Dreaming

These walls. These walls. These cracks, and cracks, and cracks. These walls—off-white. Off- white. These walls of glass. Of straw. Of flesh. These windows in walls watching dust. Adrift. These sleeping walls. Creaking, and creaking, and creaking. These words carved on walls. These stains running down walls and words. These words like winter wind through bare branches of elms. Through shattered windows. Through walls. These splintered walls. These blind walls. These words. These dreams, of _____, of prisms, of




Alexander Radison is an MFA candidate in poetry at Queens College, where he also teaches creative writing. His work has appeared in various literary journals including Utopia Parkway, Newtown Literary, The Violet Hour, The Coachella Review, and at, where he won the “Making Work Visible” poetry prize.


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