Bamout Feik

ana bahibek mout

bahibek ginan

bahibek min kul….

min the bottom of my heart!

When I close my eyes I see you. I hear your voice when I’m asleep. I can feel your presence even when you’re miles away from me…. In Yemen. Sometimes I can’t express how I feel in Arabic, but I try to communicate with you the best I could.

ana bahibek mout

magnoona feik

wallah anta kul ma amlek

fadayt al arth eli tamshe feih

fadaytuk ya nour 3ayoni

anta al 3asal

Your honey colored eyes.

It spoke to me in the airport, when we had to say our goodbyes. When our lips couldn’t speak, so we spoke through our cries.



Rhmha Hussein currently attends Queens College and published two poems in QC’s journal Comparative Outlet. She won 2nd place in a Common Read Poetry Contest in Queens Community College and was featured in QCC Holocaust Center for display. She also tutored students in a non-profit program called Reading Partners to enhance students reading skills.


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