DANIELLA DIMAGGIO, EDITOR IN CHIEF is a fiction writer who works with themes such as trauma, identity, and memory. She graduated from Queens College with a bachelor’s degree in media studies, and has now returned to enroll in the MFA Program. Daniella is also a writing consultant at the Queens College Writing Center.

SHANNON HEARN, EDITOR IN CHIEF is currently an MFA candidate at Queens College for Poetry. Her own writing has appeared or is forthcoming with 3:AM Magazine, Five:2:One Mag, Big Lucks, cream city review, Fugue, Juked, Heavy Feather Review, and others. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

ASHLEY SOMWARU, POETRY EDITOR is a writer born and raised in Queens, New York. Originally obtaining a BA in Journalism, her non-fiction work can be seen in Open City. She is currently an MFA candidate at Queens College. Her poetry and narratives derive from her inter-generational lineage and seeks to give power to women, using her experiences as a child, religious stories, and superstitions to highlight the misogyny and abuse that have been silently prevalent in her culture.

is an essayist from Baltimore interested in discussions of home, care, language learning, spirituality, and travel through time and place. She is an MFA candidate for creative nonfiction at Queens College, where she is an Adjunct Lecturer in English. An avid (and amateur) home baker, she lives in Jackson Heights, neighborhood of her heart, where she also works at a cheese shop.

PAL THEON, NONFICTION PANEL is a New York based writer. They are currently an MFA candidate in Creative Nonfiction at Queens College and a preschool teacher in Manhattan. Their work has appeared in Free Press, Ellipsis Literary, Halston Media and others.

KAZ UY, FICTION EDITOR  is a writer from New York City who spent his childhood in the Philippines. He graduated from Queens College after double majoring in English and Psychology, and has returned for the MFA program to focus on fiction. His writing shows his love for finality, along with his interest in horror, LGBTQ+ narratives, and the magic in the mundane.

was born in Berkeley, California, and orients herself between hills and bodies of water. Her writing, exploring landscapes of memory, intimacy, belief and words, can be found in the anthology Poets of Queens – as well as in countless notebooks, computer files, and recycling bins across the country. An MFA candidate in Literary Translation at Queens College, she feeds her soul by dancing and drinking tea in her Brooklyn apartment.

LUCY TORRES, SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR is a NYC writer & artist and author of The Taste of Broken, an autobiographical poetry book on endometriosis. A LaGuardia Performing Arts Center Grantee & Dorland Mountain Arts Summer 2019 Resident, she is currently a Queens College MFA Creative Writing candidate. An unwavering artivist, Lucy’s writing zeroes in on dismantling social conventions and gender/racial/(dis)ability/class/age/body size equality.

LEOR STYLAR, POETRY PANEL is studying poetry in the QC Creative Writing MFA program.  Leor grew up in Boston, MA and currently lives in Brooklyn.  Leor went to undergrad at Goddard College in Vermont.  Their current writing practice involves poetry, autoethnography, short fiction, translation, and text games.  Their interests include Jewish folklore and ritual, psychoanalysis, bookbinding, and bodies of water.

MAAZA MENGISTE, FACULTY ADVISOR and MANAGING EDITOR is a novelist and essayist. She is the author of the novels, The Shadow King and Beneath the Lion’s Gaze. She is Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the MFA program in Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College.


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