Letter from the Editors

In “The Initiate,” the late Charles Simic writes of New York: “In that whole city you could hear a pin drop. / Believe me. / I thought I heard a pin drop and I went looking for it.” In many ways, this pin contains multitudes. Like a soulful song or a bingeable show, it has the power to entice, draw you in, and comfort you. Perhaps it can even bring people together in a world that is mundane and hectic, lonely and connected, beautiful and tragic, all the same time. The pieces published in this issue contain all the pin’s traits, if not more. The works compel us to read and re-read them, and make us want to seek out even more. Within these works exists reinvention, diversity, lush language, and a strong, commanding voice that broaches new horizons.

It’s been a privilege and an honor to collaborate with such a wonderful group of editors. We thank all of them for their hard work. To the authors in this issue, thank you for gracing our (virtual) pages with your compelling words. Finally, we would like to thank you, dear reader. Without any of you, this issue wouldn’t exist. Now go, and read. Listen for the drop of the pin.



Leor & Will

Co-Managing Editors