Arth al Yemenia by Rhmha Hussein

Arth al Yemenia

“nahnu bukhair ya 3ayni”


mama choked up with tears again

gada speaking the  t  r  u  t  h

“matha akhbar al Yemen?”

our future is the youth


“kayf ahwal al shabab?”

do they hear the thunder?


yaharaq damahum!

la3an abo al hootien!

what’s revealed in t.v

isn’t the worst gada has seen


“lo anti bukhair….

wallah ani bukhair ya binti”

she can hear the trauma

mama ears can see



we fear for them

but they fear for us

we’re living easy

and they’re trapped with the enemy


I can walk out in my backyard

without no care

while even in their homes

they await for the destructive burnt air


yet they smile and live

wa ahwalhum bukhair

bis yoom min ayam

arth al Yemen we’ll once again hear


Rhmha Hussein currently attends Queens College and published two poems in QC’s journal Comparative Outlet. She won 2nd place in a Common Read Poetry Contest in Queens Community College and was featured in QCC Holocaust Center for display. She also tutored students in a non-profit program called Reading Partners to enhance students reading skills.

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